If you're a Senior Executive, managing stress is high on your list of concerns.

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Poorly managed stress can affect your job, your family life and your health.

Most executives admit that pressure to maintain profitability, increased responsibilities, too many commitments as well as an unpredictable economy all add up to a pressure-cooker environment.

Not all stress is bad. Stress is a necessary part of life. It is positive when it provides motivation to achieve your goals. But when you have too much stress, or it lasts too long, it can be harmful to your health and family life.

How can you make good use of your stress?

Self-awareness is the most effective way to avoid stress. It enables you to identify the stressors in your life and take steps to deal with them. But self-awareness is difficult to build on your own.

That is where therapy comes in. We will raise your levels of self-awareness together, in ways that have ripple effects on your work and personal life.

Research has shown that executives need to be more emotionally intelligent – more able to perceive, assess and manage their emotions as well as those of others and their organization. Executives who are more self-aware are less prone to stress and make better leaders.

Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis are the treatments of choice to increase your self- awareness, help you accept your emotional needs, and facilitate your emotional growth.

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