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If you are a lawyer, you are no stranger to stress. I can help.

Demanding workloads, billable hours, competition and client expectations can lead to burnout and wreak havoc on your emotional health and personal life. Skyrocketing salaries are causing discord among partners and associates, many of whom end up leaving for in-house counsel jobs or other professions entirely.

Poorly managed stress is a threat to your work performance and life.

Stress poses a real and immediate threat to a lawyer’s emotional and physical health.

Having worked with many lawyers in my 35 years of experience, I can confidently tell you that all lawyers should take active steps to reduce and manage their exposure to stress.

Are you a female lawyer?

Female lawyers are twice as likely as men to feel stress at work. The male-dominated culture, the glass ceiling that impedes advancement, sexual harassment and the impossibility of achieving a good work/life balance all contribute to difficulty coping in the workplace.

Self-awareness is the best way to avoid stress, and that is what psychotherapy does best.

Selfless lawyers who put the needs of others first, to the point of burnout, must access their own feelings and needs and begin to look after themselves. You must also confront your internal barriers to success, such as low self-confidence, difficulties managing frustration and conflict, or trouble delegating work. 

Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis are the treatments of choice to increase your self-awareness, improve your emotional intelligence, and deal more effectively with the challenges in your personal and professional life.

Are you ready to
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